We are excited to start our Sunday morning small groups!If your would like to join a group, please click the button below. Our Sunday mornings are used to learn the bible and grow our relationship with God. There is a group for everyone; we have groups for kids, high school, young adults, young married, and many more!

"You're never alone, not at Victory"

- Huntlea Moore

"The Lord placed Pastor Kim Duren in my life for a lot of reasons; she is an unbelievable women that has a love for everyone. She has taught me to love no matter what and even if someone has harmed you; you love anyway. Thank you for speaking into my life and pushing me in areas to grow. "

- Missy Marsh

"This is a wonderful place to be; it means the world to me. It means family, fellowship, feeling loved, and feeling needed."

- Cathy Looney

"This ministry means everything second to salvation because there is a spirit of family and a spirit of freedom. You can lean on people; you can be ministered. It is very freeing!"

- Andrea Katz

"It's a big family that I know will always be there for me."

- Josh Davis

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